Patricia Doucette

The members at Fit for Life can choose who they feel should be the member of the month. Patricia Doucette received the most votes for Member of the Month in January!

Patricia, is an absolute joy to have as a member. Anyone who has the pleasure of being in class with her or even a quick interaction will tell you she always has a smile on her face:) She still smiles even through a tough workout! 

Provided below are Patricia's thoughts:

What do you like about Fit for Life?
"What I like about Fit for Life is how comfortable I feel there, the different choices for classes, you and the girls how you guys encourage us to push ourselves and I don't feel judged. You all make me smile. I enjoy the other members and how we help each other it's just a feel good place."

What is your favorite class?
"My favorite class is Fit and Fab and Kettlebell, but Pound is getting there also it's hard to choose."

Why did you choose Fit for Life?
"I chose Fit for Life because of the amount of classes because I need that I'm not so good at pushing myself it's easier to give up when I exercise alone. I do love the fact it's women only."

What are your goals?
"My goals are to firm up all over be fit enough to keep my mobility which I had noticed was getting bad. I use to have a hard time to get out of the car when we travel, now that is not a problem. It's also for my mental health I just feel so much better. I feel I have a spring in my step now thank you."

What would you say to anyone debating joining Fit for Life?
"You should go in and try a class or two to see how great the instructors are and how the classes can be modified to accommodate everyone no matter what your fitness level. The other members are so helpful and nice."

Any comments?
"I truly love coming to the gym, everyone staff and members make it great for me. For the first time ever I don't feel the need for a gym buddy to get me to classes. Thank you to you and the greatest instructors I have the pleasure of being taught by you all rock."

Congratulations Patricia!!!