​Member of the Month...Debbie McNeil

We have so many wonderful members at Fit for Life and as a result we would like to acknowledge the contribution they make to our Women's Health and Fitness Club:)

Debbie McNeil has been a member of Fit for Life since December 2015. She exercises on a regular basis, great sport, has the most positive attitude and is very committed! 

In all honesty I have never seen her not smile....she is kind, goes above and beyond for other members and gives 150% when exercising. She never saids "I can't do it" instead she will try and give it her all! 

Debbie, you are an absolute pleasure to be around....love your positive attitude and most of all that you decided to be a member at Fit for Life! 

We thought you might want to hear Debbie's thoughts....

1. What do you like about Fit for Life? "The feeling of belonging! The staff care about your needs, we are important to them. The members are so encouraging. I love how everybody (staff and members) celebrate successes, are always encouraging, and take note and tell you you have done a good job. It is a very positive atmosphere! I can be having the worst day, but when I come through the door to all the "Hello" and "How was your day" greetings, you can not help but smile."

2. What is your favorite class? "Hardest question you could ask me. There has not been a class I don't like! With such a large number and variety of classes, there is a work out for your Mind, Body and Soul."

3. Why did you choose Fit for Life? "I started following Darlene's posts last fall. Her enthusiasm about opening Fit for Life made me want to be a part of this new gym! I joined the day of her open house, you could feel the positive energy from everyone. I had a great chat with Darlene's mom that day. She was excited for Darlene and so proud of her. I knew that this was going to be a good fit for me. I wasn't wrong...it is like a big family!"

4. What are your goals? "To be the best me I can be. Most of my life I was very heavy, inactive, I have never felt better and I am doing things in class that I never imagined I could do. I will keep moving forward, keep getting stronger and healthier."

5. What would you say to anyone debating joining Fit for Life? "Do It! There is something for everyone at Fit for Life. You never feel like you can not do something because the instructors help you find a way for your body to do it. Whether it is a bad back, bad knee, they are there to help. Fit for Life has a positive atmosphere. No one judges, everyone wants the best for you and we celebrate our successes."

6. Any comments? "Ladies, on a personal note, thank you. I cried all the way home LOL. You have given this 55 year old former couch potatoe a whole new outlook. This past year has been amazing. Thank you so much, you give me confidence and courage everyday."

Congrats on all of your success Debbie!